Stella Wang
CEO, Co-founder

She is the creative cross-discipline leader who has seen the world. Stella has experience from 3 continents and is fearlessly making product, design.. whenever there is details to be improved.

Joonas Jokela
CTO, Co-founder

He built R&D and services at Rovio and has ramped many startups’ tech from zero to product launch.

Server Architect

In Finland there are only very few of them who are solely the SWAT team for the company: fixing all the backend, plus cloud service for 100 million+ of fans. And one small note; he is a full stack developer!

Jukka Linna
Junior Game Programmer

Jukka is the favorite person of game designers, because nothing is impossible for him. Recentely graduated from a top game development school, he is ready to face anything.

Tommi Kasurinen
3D Artist

He is 3D Artist with animation background and works in Unity. Can you ask for more? Yes, because this man is the detail himself, his QA reports are pages long and full of spot on information.

Ilona Ylikoski
Junior Data Analyst

Future data scientist, already top of the class for statistics. If you are not careful she will prove you wrong and give detailed explanation why that is the case.