The culture

When we started Dazzle Rocks we knew the way we work is going to shape our games more than anything.

The players are at the centre of it. We spend great amounts of time and effort understanding how we can deliver experience that is entertaining and magical – a daily amusement.


The Art of Games

Making mobile games is a creative endeavour that involves many disciplines from the very beginning.

We are a team coming together for a shared mission to make the best social mobile games. We want to bring back the thrill and adventure. It means re-thinking the existing models of what games can be, how they are played and discovered.

We are creating console-quality games for mobile platforms with a connectivity to messaging platforms. The characters and environment become alive in a full 3D experience.

Never underestimate the power of a small team.

Real-time data & analytics

We are a small startup and it means having a different approach to game development and analytics. We learn from prototypes and the faster we do it, the better it is.

We are building everything for real-time gameplay and analytics. That is why our team is not only game developers but also software engineers building the services that differentiate our games from the previous generation.

In the fast moving environment full-stack programming is our great advantage. It enables our technology team to consider the whole player journey from signup to completing multiplayer quests within the games.

Are you ready for the journey?

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