Next evolution of mobile games


Dazzle Rocks stamp of originality is something we really embrace. A great game has even bigger story behind it.

Carefully imagined, crafted and refined. It is a new take on familiar genres that raise what is possible on current storytelling.

Global appeal

An epic adventure experience for the East and West.

There are more common things between people than we realise. We all eat, sleep and play. That is why our games are friendly and approachable with a twist of challenge.


Playing with friends is one the best things about mobile and we get that.

You can compete or co-operate, but be sure to pick your allies right because you might need more than good luck to survive these adventures!


We love inventing new mobile games that challenge the player’s imagination of what is possible. Our job is to make impossible look easy. We are game designers, programmers and artists who learnt our craft in top Finnish game companies.
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Open Positions

  • Senior Game Programmer

    Experience from Unity3D and C#. You get to work on the original gameplay concepts, real-time networking layers and contribute to the game architecture and design.

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  • 3D Technical Artist

    Are you a dedicated problem solver with a creative mindset? And passionate to create and review 3D assets including models, textures, shaders and other VFX.

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Address Fredrikinkatu 29 A

 00120 Helsinki